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Bugs from "old forum"

  • The report match form requires some tweaks. No real purpose to select opponent from the whole league (and even winners of games) when you've already selected the division, and I'd assume database already knows which player is in which division. Also spares lots of mistakes when player names are similar (like with that NethIafin v xy game, when NethIafin is in another division and it's supposed to be me)
  • Participants page has player flags whereas scoreboards page doesn't Razz
  • Would be great to have fixtures filtered by division also. And more so by player.
  • Several problems with Forum
  • Ability to report game by clicking it in fixtures (so that most fields in match report will already be filled and you'd need to only add game results and replays). Maybe just a separate column with a link glyph
  • I'd have suggested to parse replays for results automatically but that will require all players to have their nicknames spelled the same as in tables and also a careful replay upload for host/guest games because this is a meta info. So I probably won't suggest that (code for that is pretty simple still)