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RAGL Season 4 Post Season Discussion

Hello everyone, RAGL season 4 officially came to an end a week ago. With season 5 just around the corner now is the perfect time to open up discussion and for people to review or ask for some changes. But first things first. What happened to the Omnom vs Happy playoff series?

The games never got played. After much deliberation between officials we decided to drop Omnom from the league. We felt there was plenty of time to get the playoff series completed and showing up for LorryDriver's tournament was enough evidence to prove it could have been done. Omnom is welcome to sign up again this next season, but will start over as a recruit. Happy was around the majority of the time and so we felt he deserved the minions first place and the prize money with it. Since there was no second place that money will get absorbed and added to season 5.

Additionally, this will open up another spot in masters. As we did last year we will go through those in minions who didn't promote (Doomsday, Mentats, Lucassss, NoobMapMaker, t, and kuba). If none of them accept we plan to hold a tournament for the final spot just before season 5.

Now onto potential changes for season 5. As of now the intention is still to utilize the RAGL website and in turn add automation to uploading. This will cut down on a lot of headaches. Other things we are looking into are, changing how delays work, mirroring how Unano is treating strikes in TD(players receive the strike but still must complete games), setting a much shorter deadline for playoff games, altering guest/home games, and many more.

Be sure to check out NoobMapMaker's thread for play of the season. Once the videos go online voting will commence!

Lastly, There were 3 prizes awarded for best use of grenadiers, best use of Chronosphere or Iron Curtain, and best use of Tanya:

Grenadiers were used frequently in season 4 but most ended up adding to the long casualties list for the season. There where a few notable examples however, Kuba in his game against Medium Tank on Keep of the Grass 2 had a fantastic rush attempt. 10 Grenadiers managed to snipe 2 powers plants and the barracks of Medium tank preventing any quick defense. Medium tank's war factory was the only thing standing in the way of Kuba's victory. With only a few grenadiers still surviving Kuba tried to micro around Medium Tank's harvester as it tried to squish the infantry. In an absolute nail biter Medium tank managed to get a ranger out and kill the grenadiers while his war factory survived with a sliver of health.

In SoScared vs Mentats on Shadow Fiend SoScared went bold and tried a war factory before barracks build. Mentats picked a great time to use grenadiers. Just as the war factory was placed Mentats troops arrived. In a panic SoScared sold the warfactory and got a lucky bundle of soldiers to repel the attack. Feeling so scared indeed and knowing he was very behind, SoScared panic sold his base an attempted to move his MCV all the way to Mentats base in an attack that ultimately failed allowing Mentats to easily take the game.

The Winner however goes to Chewey for his play against Dragunoff on Sidestep. Chewey rushed grenadiers and killed off a power plant, refinery, and a barracks putting Dragunoff very far behind. A few minutes later Chewey rolled in to find Dragunoff still struggling to rebuild and quickly defeated his oppoenent. Well done!

For Chronoshpere and Iron Curtain usage it was the latter that shined the brightest. Eloyros used it magnificently to defeat Mechanic in a titanic match, Orb used it against Smitty force a surrender, Smitty and FiveAces both used in countless times in a 70 minute slug fest, and Unano vs Sostch saw Unano inch his way to victory in a marathon game with key Iron Curtain uses.

The Winner though showed the greatest and creative uses. WaRRyKeR vs Eskimo on sidestep proved to be the victor. Eskimo seemed to be ahead until halfway through the game when WaRRyKeR produced the Iron Curtain. Every use by WaRRyKeR proved to be devastating. The first use resulted in a near clean wipe of Eskimo's huge army. The second use saw an APC get incredible crushes as Eskimo's reinforcing army tried valiantly to save an expansion. The best use caught Eskimo off guard as 2 APCs full of flamethrowers sprinted through his base and razed the Allied tech center and his nuke with less than 2 minutes left on the timer. With no army and no advantages left Eskimo quickly surrender.

Best use of Tanya was very difficult to decide. Sostch used it to counter Unano's Iron curtain play, Mechanic and Eloyros used it (and almost every other unit) in their 2nd game, and Digital Jihad used it to batter Chewey down.

The Winner in the end had to go to Seacucumber. Tanya was an integral part of his strategy and he used it repeated to punish his opponents. Whether it was with a Chinook or with a phase transport you could bet Tanya would be sneaking around haunting the battlefield with laughter and she demolished building after building. In one game alone Seacucumber used 5 Tanyas to kill 1 MCV, 3 refineries, 1 war factory, an oil derrick, 1 airfield, 2 advanced power plants, 1 barracks, turned 3 blobs of infantry into swiss cheese, 1 radar dome, and a tech center. Well worth the cost and well worthy of recieving the prize. Congrats to Chewey, WaRRyKeR, and Seacucumber!

As always feedback and comments are most certainly welcome!