RAGL Official: New release statement

Due to the new release of OpenRA client the updates on the Red Alert Global League are as follows:

  1. All further matches starting from Round 6 are to be played on the new release version (excluding games that were already played ahead of schedule).
  2. Changes to neutral structures behavior and barrels explosion buff shifted the game balance on some of the maps in the official pool. Map updates are issued to remedy this specific issue; you can get updated maps here or here. This archive was also sent to all players via email. Note: archive contains only updated maps that should be used with the new release version. The rest are to be used as before for both versions.

Please check the new release changelog regarding the important features which could hinder your gameplay if you are not aware of them. Notable points:

  • Units and defences do not target enemy non-combat buildings in most stances. Now you need to use new Assault Move mechanic (Ctrl+A+click) or switch units to AttackAnything.
  • Buildings now have new hitshape boxes, so that units target various building cells instead of its center.
  • A lot of balance tweaks.


Additional notice on replays naming. There was some inconsistency in replay names of files being uploaded to ftp server. Particular issues are spaces inside the name, duplicate file extension and various styles of division names for Recruit divisions.

Correct replay name structure:


Division abbreviations to be used are MASTER, MINION, RECRUITA, RECRUITB, RECRUITC, RECRUITD.

Example for Recruit Charlie Round 4 game between netnazgul (host) and Tailix Killa Mentor (guest):



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