RAGL Official: Season 4 Path of the Hidden Master

All recruits have finished the group stage games, but for some of them the season is not over yet.

Sotsch, BullE, WaRRyKeR and kazu have won in their respective divisions and now have a chance to get to the top division right away by walking The Path of The Hidden Master.

Playoff format: Each player will face off in a best of 5 series, with the first map in each series being random. The loser will then pick the next map.

First round

kazu vs Sotsch (first map is Ysmir)

bullE vs WaRRyKeR (first map is Behind the Veil 2)


Second round

Second round will decide the Recruit Champion between the winners of the first round (first map: Borrowed Time).


Third round

Third round places the Recruit Champion against the 4th placed Minions Playoffs player.


Fourth round

SirCake (as #9 Masters division finisher) plays the winner of the third round.



Replays should be uploaded here. Please take a moment to review proper naming for replays for playoffs:


Where [MASTER/MINION/RECRUIT] represents the leg of the series, in case of first two rounds it is RECRUIT. [POHM] is Path Of the Hidden Master. [p1]-[p2] is the host and guest (for the first game just pick a player who will ‘act’ as the host.) [#] is the game number (Please note that some matchups may end before a 5th game. In order to avoid spoilers creating fake games to round out 5 may be necessary. The easiest way would be to duplicate a previous game and rename it. If you have any further questions regarding this please ask!)


No one is obligated to play on stream, however these games are very sought after to watch. If you don’t mind playing on stream please announce when you intend to play as soon as possible so we can work on getting it streamed!

As always if you have any further questions please feel free to ask them through email or discord.

Good luck commanders

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