RAGL Season 5 Registrations

Public Registrations/Confirmations – Open

March 5th – Mar 24th

Also see: Rulebook, Season 5, and Discussion/Feedback on Season 4

For Season 5, new and returning players have until March 24th, 23:59 UTC, to register their participation. Registration/confirmation are sent to: openra.ragl@gmail.com. It is strongly recommended that players prioritize an active email account in order to reduce response time with messages from players or league officials.

Registration emails from new players are titled REGISTRATION and must include the following:

  • Nick that will be used throughout the season.
  • 3-lettered initials for tagging replays (e.g. SoScared = SOS).
  • Country and timezone expressed in UTC (see http://www.timeanddate.com)

New players may also want to provide a brief description of their level of play, i.e. rts background, brand new, played ORA for awhile. etc.

Players transferring over from a previous season don’t have to provide any other information than the expressed confirmation. Recurring players simply register with an email titled CONFIRMATION.

Recurring players are seeded per guidelines provided by the previous season results. New players are placed in available spots on a first-come, first served basis. This ranking determines players’ slot positions depending on the published division format done no later than April 1st. Additionally, new registrees who are last to register may be placed on the wait list if there are not enough players to create another division. Divisions require a minimum of 8 and a maixium of 12.

Division tables and fixtures for Season 5 are publicized no later than April 1st 00:00 UTC.

Follow here for updated registrations list and discussion.

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